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Agility Junior Handler Classes

To register for classes click on "Registration Calendar" button below. You will need to sign up with the calendar to have access to class registrations. Once you have signed up, click on the class you would like to register in. Then click the "New Booking" button in the bottom left corner of the class to add your name to the class list. If a class is full you can choose to add your name to the waitlist for that class.

Registration Calendar

Here at Hyper Hounds, we are all very passionate about the sport of agility and we would love to see more juniors taking part. So we have created a program just for them! Our instructor for the program is Lauren Hutton, a junior herself who has been involved in agility since she was 6 years old. She was the #1 junior handler in agility for 2016 & 2017. You can read her full bio on the instructor page.

How it works:

The junior handler program is similar to our regular agility program, except that it's just for kids! Children should be between 7 and 16 years of age to enter the program. However, exceptions can be made if the child is able to handle the dog. Dogs should have basic obedience skills to enter the program. Dogs with people or dog issues are not appropriate for this program. The junior needs to have control over their dog at all times during class.  

*Due to COVID-19, we are currently asking that just one adult accompanies the junior handler to class so that we can ensure proper social distancing.  Masks are required inside the facility. When running your dog in agility, you may remove your mask but you must replace it as soon as you are done your turn.

Junior Handler Level 1

Start Date:  Sunday, June 13 at 2:15pm (no class July 4)

$160+tax for six weeks

Get ready for some fun! The agility level 1 class will focus on teaching your dog agility obstacles, with a focus on safety and correct performance for a successful career in agility. The dog and junior handler will begin performing short sequences of 3-6 obstacles in a row. Your dog will learn jumps, tunnels, the tire, the table, and lowered aframe, dogwalk and teeter.

This class is for dogs at least 8 months of age and dogs who have basic obedience skills.

Junior Handler Level 2 (Crosses)

Start Dates: Sunday, June 13 at 3:30pm (no class July 4)

$160+tax for six weeks

Now that your dog knows the equipment, we can begin to change directions!  You and your dog will learn how to perform front, rear and blind crosses for change of directions on course.  You will also begin to work on wraps and K turns for tight turns and 180 degree changes of direction.

Junior Handler Level 3 (Skills)

Start Dates:  Sunday, June 13 at 4:45pm (no class July 4)

$160+tax for six weeks

Let's add a few more moves! You and your dog will continue to work on your different crosses as well as learn some new handling moves. Obstacle discrimination, verbal flip away on contacts, tunnel threadles, backsides of tunnels and serpentines will be introduced.

This class is appropriate for dogs that can sequence up to 8 obstacles in a row, and for handlers who have an understanding of front, rear, blind crosses and tight turns (jump wraps).

Junior Handler Level 4 (Coursework)

Start Dates: Sunday, June 13 at 6:00pm (no class July 4)

It's time to test your skills on full courses! This class will have you and your dog running full starters/advanced type courses with 16-20 obstacles. Every week is a new course incorporating the skills learned from the level 2 and level 3 classes. Feedback will be given on the best handler path to take, reading the dog's line, proper timing of handling moves, what handling option is best in each scenario, etc.